Sobolev space

We define the Sobolev spacesMathworldPlanetmath of functions Wm,p⁒(Ξ©) where Ξ© is an open subset of 𝐑n, mβ‰₯0 is an integer and p∈[1,+∞].

The spaces W0,p⁒(Ξ©) are simply defined to be the spaces Lp⁒(Ξ©) of Lebesgue p-summable functions. We then define the space Wm,p⁒(Ξ©) to be the space of functions u∈Lp⁒(Ξ©) which have weak derivatives g=(g1,…,gn) such that gi∈Wm-1,p⁒(Ξ©).

The space Wm,p turns out to be a Banach spaceMathworldPlanetmath when endowed with the norm


i.e.Β the sum of the Lp norms of u and of all weak derivatives of u up to the m-th order.

Of particular interest are the spaces Hm⁒(Ω):=Wm,2⁒(Ω) which turn out to be Hilbert spacesMathworldPlanetmath with the scalar productMathworldPlanetmath given by

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