sorting problem

Let be a total ordering on the set S. Given a sequence of n elements, x1,x2,,xnS, find a sequence of distinct indices 1i1,i2,,inn such that xi1xi2xin.

The sorting problem is a heavily studied area of computer science, and many sorting algorithms exist to solve it. The most general algorithmsMathworldPlanetmath depend only upon the relationMathworldPlanetmath , and are called comparison-based sorts. It can be proved that the lower bound for sorting by any comparison-based sorting algorithm is Ω(nlogn).

A few other specialized sort algorithms rely on particular properties of the values of elements in S (such as their structureMathworldPlanetmath) in order to achieve lower time complexity for sorting certain sets of elements. Examples of such a sorting algorithm are the bucket sort and the radix sort.

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