Stein manifold


A complex manifold M of complex dimension n is a Stein manifoldMathworldPlanetmath if it satisfies the following properties

  1. 1.
  2. 2.

    if z,wM and zw then f(z)f(w) for some function f holomorphic on M (i.e. M is holomorphically separable),

  3. 3.

    for every zM there are holomorphic functions f1,,fn which form a coordinate systemMathworldPlanetmath at z (i.e. M is holomorphically spreadable).

Stein manifold is a generalization of the concept of the domain of holomorphy to manifolds. Furthermore, Stein manifolds are the generalizations of Riemann surfaces in higher dimensions. Every noncompact Riemann surface is a Stein manifold by a theorem of Behnke and Stein. Note that every domain of holomorphy in n is a Stein manifold. It is not hard to see that every closed complex submanifold of a Stein manifold is Stein.

Theorem (Remmert, Narasimhan, Bishop).

If M is a Stein manifold of dimension n. There exists a proper ( holomorphic embedding of M into C2n+1.

Note that no compact complex manifold can be Stein since compact complex manifolds have no holomorphic functions. On the other hand, every compact complex manifold is holomorphically convex.


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