sum of ideals

Definition.  Let’s consider some set of ideals (left, right or two-sided) of a ring.  The sum of the ideals is the smallest ideal of the ring containing all those ideals.  The sum of ideals is denoted by using “+” and “” as usually.

It is not difficult to be persuaded of the following:

  • The sum of a finite amount of ideals is

  • The sum of any set of ideals consists of all finite sums jaj where every aj belongs to one 𝔞j of those ideals.

Thus, one can say that the sum ideal is generated by the set of all elements of the individual ideals; in fact it suffices to use all generators of these ideals.

Let  𝔞+𝔟=𝔡  in a ring R.  Because  𝔞𝔡  and  𝔟𝔡,  we can say that 𝔡 is a of both 𝔞 and 𝔟.11This may be motivated by the situation in :  (n)(m)  iff  m is a factor of n.  Moreover, 𝔡 is contained in every common factor 𝔠 of 𝔞 and 𝔟 by virtue of its minimality.  Hence, 𝔡 may be called the greatest common divisorMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of the ideals 𝔞 and 𝔟.  The notations


are used, too.

In an analogous way, the intersectionMathworldPlanetmath of ideals may be designated as the least common of the ideals.

The by “partially ordered setMathworldPlanetmath of all ideals of a ring forms a latticeMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath, where the least upper bound of 𝔞 and 𝔟 is  𝔞+𝔟  and the greatest lower boundMathworldPlanetmath is  𝔞𝔟.  See also the example 3 in algebraic lattice.

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