1 The unreduced suspension

Given a topological spaceMathworldPlanetmath X, the suspensionMathworldPlanetmath of X, often denoted by SX, is defined to be the quotient spaceMathworldPlanetmath X×[0,1]/, where (x,0)(y,0) and (x,1)(y,1) for any x,yX.

Given a continuous map f:XY, there is a map Sf:SXSY defined by Sf([x,t]):=[f(x),t]. This makes S into a functorMathworldPlanetmath from the category of topological spaces into itself.

Note that SX is homeomorphicMathworldPlanetmath to the join XS0, where S0 is a discrete space with two points.

The space SX is sometimes called the unreduced, unbased or free suspension of X, to distinguish it from the reduced suspension described below.

2 The reduced suspension

If (X,x0) is a based topological spacePlanetmathPlanetmath, the reduced suspension of X, often denoted ΣX (or Σx0X when the basepoint needs to be explicit), is defined to be the quotient space X×[0,1]/(X×{0}X×{1}{x0}×[0,1]. Setting the basepoint of ΣX to be the equivalence classMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of (x0,0), the reduced suspension is a functor from the categoryMathworldPlanetmath of based topological spaces into itself.

An important property of this functor is that it is a left adjoint to the functor Ω taking a (based) space X to its loop spaceMathworldPlanetmath ΩX. In other words, Maps*(ΣX,Y)Maps*(X,ΩY) naturally, where Maps*(X,Y) stands for continuous maps which preserve basepoints.

The reduced suspension is also known as the based suspension.

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