tangent line

If the curve   y=f(x)  of xy-plane is sufficiently smooth in its point  (x0,y0)  and in a neighborhoodMathworldPlanetmath of this, the curve may have a tangent line (or simply ) in  (x0,y0).  Then the tangent line of the curve  y=f(x)  in the point  (x0,y0)  is the limit position of the secant lineMathworldPlanetmath through the two points  (x0,y0)  and  (x,f(x))  of the curve, when x limitlessly tends to the value x0 (i.e.  xx0).  Due to the smoothness,


and the slope m of the secant (http://planetmath.org/SecantLine) tends to


which will be the slope of the tangent line.

Note.  Because the tangency is a local property on the curve, the tangent with the tangency point(x0,y0)  may intersect the curve in another point, and then the tangent is a secant (http://planetmath.org/SecantLine), too.  For example, the curve  y=x3-3x2  has the line  y=0  as its tangent in the point  (0, 0)  but this line the curve also in the point  (3, 0).

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