The Fibonacci Quarterly

The Fibonacci Quarterly (sometimes Fib. Quart. in bibliographies) is the official publication of the Fibonacci Association, intended “to serve as a focal point for interest in Fibonacci numbersDlmfMathworldPlanetmath and related questions, especially with respect to new results, research proposals, challenging problems, and innovative proofs of old ideas.” Published since 1962, it is available in hard copy from most libraries as well as online.

The journal has its own editorial board, but the board of directors of the Fibonacci Association also helps. Additionally, there is a rotating group of additional referees consisting of “mathematicians, engineers and physicists”; for example, the referees for 42 included Ron Graham, Jud McCranie, Carl Pomerance, and Samuel Wagstaff Jr, among a couple dozen others.

Starting with the February 2004 issue, the journal invites “well known mathematicians and scientists” to write articles on how they “use Fibonacci numbers, or similar recurrence sequences, in their research and writing.” The first such article was by George Andrews on the Fibonacci numbers and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities. Articles in the journal touch on various topics of different obviousness of relation to the Fibonacci numbers, such as the Fibonacci fractions, the Collatz sequence, cryptography, etc. fib/Fibonacci Quarterly Homepage

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