United States of America Mathematical Olympiad

The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) is an invitation-only mathematical competition sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is a 2-day event in which the contestants try to give proofs to six mathematical problems. The judges award 0 to 7 points to each solution, thus a perfect score is 42 (http://planetmath.org/FortyTwo) points. The winners go on to represent the United States in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Currently, the Internet is used to present the problems the first day of the competition; on the second day the contestants fax back their answers. The official website of the competition is http://www.unl.edu/amc/e-exams/e8-usamo/usamo.shtmlhttp://www.unl.edu/amc/e-exams/e8-usamo/usamo.shtml.

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