valuation domain is local


Proof.  Let R be a valuation domain and K its field of fractionsMathworldPlanetmath.  We shall show that the set of all non-units of R is the only maximal idealMathworldPlanetmath of R.

Let a and b first be such elements of R that a-b is a unit of R; we may suppose that  ab0  since otherwise one of a and b is instantly stated to be a unit.  Because R is a valuation domain in K, therefore e.g.  abR.  Because now  a-bb=1-ab  and  (a-b)-1  belong to R, so does also the producta-bb(a-b)-1=1b,  i.e. b is a unit of R.  We can conclude that the difference a-b must be a non-unit whenever a and b are non-units.

Let a and b then be such elements of R that ab is its unit, i.e.  a-1b-1R.  Now we see that


and consequently a and b both are units.  So we conclude that the product ab must be a non-unit whenever a is an element of R and b is a non-unit.

Thus the non-units form an ideal 𝔪.  Suppose now that there is another ideal 𝔫 of R such that  𝔪𝔫R.  Since 𝔪 contains all non-units, we can take a unit ε in 𝔫.  Thus also the product ε-1ε, i.e. 1, belongs to 𝔫, or  R𝔫.  So we see that 𝔪 is a maximal ideal.  On the other hand, any maximal ideal of R contains no units and hence is contained in 𝔪; therefore 𝔪 is the only maximal ideal.

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