variable topology

Preliminary data Let us recall the basic notion that a topological spaceMathworldPlanetmath consists of a set X and a ‘topology’ on X where the latter gives a precise but general sense to the intuitive ideas of ‘nearness’ and ‘continuity’. Thus the initial task is to axiomatize the notion of ‘neighborhood’ and then consider a topology in terms of open or of closed setsPlanetmathPlanetmath, a compact-open topologyMathworldPlanetmath, and so on (see Brown, 2006). In any case, a topological space consists of a pair (X,𝒯) where 𝒯 is a topology on X. For instance, suppose an open set topology is given by the set 𝒰 of prescribed open sets of X satisfying the usual axioms (Brown, 2006 Chapter 2). Now, to speak of a variable open-set topology one might conveniently take in this case a family of sets 𝒰λ of a system of prescribed open sets, where λ belongs to some indexing set Λ. The system of open sets may of course be based on a system of contained neighbourhoods of points where one system may have a different geometric property compared say to another system (a system of disc-like neighbourhoods compared with those of cylindrical-type).

Definition 0.1.

In general, we may speak of a topological space with a varying topology as a pair (X,𝒯λ) where λΛ is an index setMathworldPlanetmath.

Example The idea of a varying topology has been introduced to describe possible topological distinctions in bio-molecular organisms through stages of development, evolution, neo-plasticity, etc. This is indicated schematically in the diagram below where we have an n-stage dynamic evolution (through complexity) of categoriesMathworldPlanetmath 𝖣i where the vertical arrows denote the assignment of topologies 𝒯i to the class of objects of the 𝖣i along with functorsMathworldPlanetmath i:𝖣i𝖣i+1, for 1in-1 :

\diagram&𝒯1\dto<-.05ex>&𝒯2\dto<-1.2ex>&&𝒯n-1\dto<-.05ex>&𝒯n\dto<-1ex>(0.45)&𝖣1\rto1&𝖣2\rto2 &&\rton-1 𝖣n-1&𝖣n\enddiagram

In this way a variable topologyPlanetmathPlanetmath ( can be realized through such n-levels of complexity of the development of an organism.

Another example is that of cell/network topologies in a categorical approach involving concepts such as the free groupoid over a graph (Brown, 2006). Thus a varying graph system clearly induces an accompanying system of variable groupoids ( As suggested by Golubitsky and Stewart (2006), symmetryPlanetmathPlanetmath groupoidsPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of various cell networks would appear relevant to the physiology of animal locomotion as one example.

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