vector norm

A vector normMathworldPlanetmath on the real vector space V is a function f:V that satisfies the following properties:

f(x)0 xV
f(x+y)f(x)+f(y) x,yV
f(αx)=|α|f(x) α,xV

Such a function is denoted as ||x||. Particular norms are distinguished by subscripts, such as ||x||V, when referring to a norm in the space V. A unit vectorMathworldPlanetmath with respect to the norm |||| is a vector x satisfying ||x||=1.

A vector norm on a complex vector space is defined similarly.

A common (and useful) example of a real norm is the Euclidean norm given by ||x||=(x12+x22++xn2)1/2 defined on V=n. Note, however, that there exists vector spacesMathworldPlanetmath which are metric, but upon which it is not possible to define a norm. If it possible, the space is called a normed vector space. Given a metric on the vector space, a necessary and sufficient condition for this space to be a normed space, is

d(x+a,y+a)= d(x,y) x,y,aV
d(αx,αy)= |α|d(x,y) x,yV,α

But given a norm, a metric can always be defined by the equation d(x,y)=||x-y||. Hence every normed space is a metric space.

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