Weierstrass substitution formulas

The Weierstrass substitution formulas for -π<x<π are:


They can be obtained in the following manner:

Make the Weierstrass substitution t=tan(x2). (This substitution is also known as the universal trigonometric substitution.) Then we have




Note that these are just the “formulas involving radicalsMathworldPlanetmath (http://planetmath.org/Radical6)” as designated in the entry goniometric formulasPlanetmathPlanetmath; however, due to the restriction on x, the ±’s are unnecessary.

Using the above formulas along with the double angle formulas, we obtain




Finally, since t=tan(x2), solving for x yields that x=2arctant. Thus, dx=21+t2dt.

The Weierstrass substitution formulas are most useful for integrating rational functions of sine and cosine (http://planetmath.org/IntegrationOfRationalFunctionOfSineAndCosine).

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