Yetter-Drinfel’d module

Definition 0.1.

Let H be a quasi-bialgebra ( with reassociator Φ. A left H-module M together with a left H-coaction λM:MHM,


is called a left Yetter-Drinfeld module if the following equalities hold, for all hH and mM:






Remark: This module (ref.[1]) is essential for solving the quasi-Yang-Baxter equation which is an important relation in Mathematical Physics.
Drinfel’d modules: Let us consider a module that operates over a ring of functions on a curve over a finite fieldMathworldPlanetmath, which is called an elliptic module. Such modules were first studied by Vladimir Drinfel’d in 1973 and called accordingly Drinfel’d modules.


  • 1 Bulacu, D, Caenepeel, S, Torrecillas, B, Doi-Hopf modules and Yetter-Drinfeld modules for quasi-Hopf algebras. Communications in Algebra, 34 (9), pp. 3413-3449, 2006.
  • 2 D. Bulacu, S. Caenepeel, A and F. Panaite. 2003. Properties of Yetter-Drinfeld modules over Quasi-Hopf Algebras., Preprint.
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