The y-homeomorphismPlanetmathPlanetmath also dubbed crosscap slide, is an auto-homeomorphism (or self-homeomorphism) which can be defined only for non orientable surfaces whose genus is greater than one.

To define it we take a punctured Klein bottle K0=KintD2 which can be consider as a pair of closed Möbius bands M1,M2, one sewed in the other by perforating with a disk (being disjoint from M1) and then identify the boundary of the second with the boundary of that disk, in symbols:


where =D2=M2. Other way to visualizing that, is by consider K0 as the connected sumMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of intM1 with a projective planeMathworldPlanetmath P2.

Now, thinking that the removed disk D2 was located with its center at some point in the core of M1, the second band, M2 will have a pair of points on that part of the core in common with M2.

So, the y-homeomorphism is defined by a isotopyPlanetmathPlanetmath leaving the boundary M1 fixed by sliding the second band M2 one turn around the core of M1 till the original position. The result is an automorphismMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of K0 which maps M2 into itself but reversing it.

To define this for genus greater than two just consider any other non orientable surface as a connected sum of a Kein bottle plus projective planes.

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