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all one polynomial

all-one polynomial, AOP
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To be honest, the name "all one" does not parse grammatically. The closest thing I can think of "all ones". Google finds references to both, but for some reason "all one" gets more hits.

Is this already established terminology? What is its source?

I'm not sure where the term was first used, though I believe "all one" or "all-one" to be the norm (just to be safe I have the appropriate synonym). I have never heard of "all ones" or "all-ones". Just a quick search through IEEE TECS turns up 7 results, while "all ones" gets 0. The oldest result is:

Hasan, M.A.; Wang, M.; Bhargava, V.K.; Modular construction of low complexity parallel multipliers for a class of finite fields GF(2^m); Computers, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 41, Issue: 8, Aug. 1992, Pages:962 - 971

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