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I tried escaping the equal sign in the BASIC and C++ examples with a backslash, but in the preview that gave me "FOR I \ 1 TO 47." I welcome a correction on how to fix this.

escaping is no good in a verb environment! I think the problem is that you are using = signs as your verb terminators, so when you type one in the text you want to appear verbatim, it terminates the verb bit.

If you use, say,

\verb!for (i = 1; i < 48; i++)!
instead of
\verb=for (i equalsign 1; i < 48; i++)=

this ought to work, fingers crossed

Oh dang, so close to 1729 points. But I have to take silverfish's advice and edit this article accordingly, which will certainly put me over. But maybe I can hit some other interesting number before I log off.

It worked in the preview, so I've saved the change you suggested. Thank you very much!

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