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Range voting Warren D. Smith

Range voting is a single-winner voting system in which each vote consists of one numerical score from 0 to U awarded to each candidate, where U is some positive number. In single-digit range voting U is 9, while two-digit range voting has U=99. (One could also consider permitting the interval to be, e.g. [-10,10].) The candidate with the highest average score wins. In a common variant, ā€œXā€ scores also are permitted for candidates (meaning:ā€œI wish to express no opinion about this candidateā€). For example (46,0,32,99) could be one vote in a 4-candidate two-digit range voting election; advise 99/0 for best/worst.

Approval voting [1] is the degenerate form of range voting in which there are only two allowed scores: 0 and 1.


  • 1 S.J. Brams & P. Fishburn: Approval voting, Birkhauser 1983.
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