topology induced by uniform structure

Let 𝒰 be a uniform structure on a set X. We define a subset A to be open if and only if for each xA there exists an entourage U𝒰 such that whenever (x,y)U, then yA.

Let us verify that this defines a topologyMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath on X.

Clearly, the subsets and X are open. If A and B are two open sets, then for each xAB, there exist an entourage U such that, whenever (x,y)U, then yA, and an entourage V such that, whenever (x,y)V, then yB. Consider the entourage UV: whenever (x,y)UV, then yAB, hence AB is open.

Suppose is an arbitrary family of open subsets. For each x, there exists A such that xA. Let U be the entourage whose existence is granted by the definition of open set. We have that whenever (x,y)U, then yA; hence y, which concludes the proof.

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