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Venn diagram

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Hi, Chi,

I downloaded a couple of XY-pic and PSTricks docs but haven't gotten around to reading them yet, so maybe I'll try this the lazy way.

I've been looking at the code for your 3-circle venn diagram.

Is there an easy way to fill individual cells with shading?

For example, I need to convert the venn diagrams in MinimalNegationOperator from ASCII to better form.


Jon Awbrey


If you are interested in overlaying colors on top of each other, the best I could come up is in the Venn Diagram entry.

If you are interested in coloring individual cells, for example, coloring the intersection of two regions, you may also want to look at the entry on hyperbolic angles:

By the way, I think there is a need on PM to have a compilation of illustrated examples of how to create pictures and diagrams using pstricks and xypic. Some progress has been made regarding this front. But it is still far from being perfect.

Please look under the collaborations section, and in particular


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