an integrable function which does not tend to zero

In this entry, we give an example of a function f such that f is Lebesgue integrableMathworldPlanetmath on but f(x) does not tend to zero as x.



Note that every term in this series is positive, hence we may integrate term-by-term, then make a change of variable y=k3x-k4 and compute the answer:

-+f(x)𝑑x =k=1-+kdxk6(x-k)2+1

However, when k is an integer, f(k)>k, so not only does f(x) not tend to zero as x, it gets arbitrarily large. As we can see from the plot, we have a sequence of peaks which, as they get taller, also get narrower in such a way that the total area under the curve stays finite:



By a variation of our procedure, we can produce a function which is defined almost everywhere on the interval (0,1), is Lebesgue integrable, but is unboundedPlanetmathPlanetmath on any subinterval, no matter how small. For instance, define


Making a computation similar to the one above, we find that

-+f(x)𝑑x =m=1n=1-+dx(m+n)6(x-m/(m+n))2+1

Hence the integral is finite.

Now, however, we find that f cannot be bounded in any interval, however small. For, in any interval, we can find rational numbers. Given a rational number r, there are an infiniteMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath number of ways to express it as a fraction m/(m+n). For each of these ways, we have a term in the series which equals 1 when x=r, hence f(r) diverges to infinityMathworldPlanetmath.

To help in understanding this function, we have made a slide show which shows partial sums of the series. As before, the successive peaks become narrower in such a way that the arae under the curve stays finite but, this time, instead of marching off to infinity, they become dense in the interval.



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