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extended real numbers

plus infinity, minus infinity, $\overline{\mathbb{R}}$, infinite, infinity, finite
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28-00 no label found12D99 no label found


PM reports that an error in this file:
66: \begin{eqnarray*}
67: (a,\infty] &=& \{ x\in \sR : x>a \}, \\
68: [-\infty,a) &=& \{ x\in \sR : x>a \}.
69: \end{eqnarray*}
!!! Missing $$ inserted

\sR is defined as
and that works fine elsewhere in the entry.
I can't see any problem, and the entry renders fine without
these lines.

Any ideas?

Array enviroments have a problem with having a [ as the first character of a new line as you can use [ <measurement> ] to set the gap between lines (or something). You might try replacing line 68 with

68: {[}-\infty, a)........

silverfish wrote:

> 68: {[}-\infty, a)........

I think you also need {-\infty} rather than -\infty in order for the spacing to come out correctly.

That does it. Thanks!

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