any divisor is gcd of two principal divisors

Using the exponent valuations, one can easily prove the

Theorem.  In any divisor theory, each divisorMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath is the greatest common divisorMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of two principal divisors.

Proof.  Let  𝒪*→𝔇  be a divisor theory and 𝔡 an arbitrary divisor in 𝔇.  We may suppose that 𝔡 is not a principal divisor (if 𝔇 contains exclusively principal divisors, then  𝔡=gcd⁡(𝔡,𝔡)  and the proof is ready).  Let


where the 𝔭i’s are pairwise distinct prime divisors and every ki>0.  Then third condition in the theorem concerning divisors and exponents allows to choose an element α of the ring 𝒪 such that


Let the principal divisor corresponding to α be


where the prime divisors 𝔮j are pairwise different among themselves and with the divisors 𝔭i.  We can then choose another element β of 𝒪 such that


Then we have  (β)=𝔡⁢𝔡′′,  where  𝔡′′∈𝔇  and


The gcd of the principal divisors (α) and (β) is apparently 𝔡, whence the proof is settled.

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