Cauchy initial value problem

Let D be a subset of n×, (x0,t0) a point of D, and f:D be a function.

We say that a function x(t) is a solution to the Cauchy (or initial value) problem

{x(t)=f(x(t),t)x(t0)=x0 (1)


  1. 1.

    x is a differentiable function x:In defined on a interval I;

  2. 2.

    one has (x(t),t)D for all tI and t0I;

  3. 3.

    one has x(t0)=x0 and x(t)=f(x(t),t) for all tI.

We say that a solution x:In is a maximal solution if it cannot be extended to a bigger interval. More precisely given any other solution y:Jn defined on an interval JI and such that y(t)=x(t) for all tI, one has I=J (and hence x and y are the same function).

We say that a solution x:In is a global solution if D=n×I.

We say that a solution x:In is unique if given any other solution y:In one has x(t)=y(t) for all tI (i.e. x is the unique solution defined on the interval I).

0.1 Notation

Usually the differential equationMathworldPlanetmath in (1) is simply written as x=f(x,t). Also, depending on the topics, the name chosen for the function and for the variable, can change. Other common choices are y=f(y,t) or y=f(y,x). It is also common to write x˙=f(x,t) when the independent variable represents a time value.

0.2 Examples

  1. 1.

    The function x(t)=logt defined on I=(0,+) is the unique maximal solution to the Cauchy problemMathworldPlanetmath:


    In this case f(x,t)=1/t, D={(x,t):t0}, t0=1, x0=0.

  2. 2.

    The function x(t)=et is a global (and hence maximal), unique solution to the Cauchy problem:

  3. 3.

    Consider the Cauchy problem


    The function x(t)=0 defined on I= is a global solution. However the function y(t)=t3 defined on I=[0,+) is also a solution and so are the functions

    z(t)={(t-c)3if tc0if t<c.

    for every c0. So there are no unique solutions. Moreover y is not a maximal solution.

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