be an autonomousMathworldPlanetmath ordinary differential equationMathworldPlanetmath defined by the vector field f:VV then x(t)V a solution of the system is a cycle(or periodic solution) if it is a closed solution which is not an equilibrium point. The period of a cycle is the smallest positive T such that x(t)=x(t+T).
Let ϕt(x) be the flow defined by the above ODE and d be the metric of V then:
A cycle, Γ, is a stable cycle if for all ϵ>0 there exists a neighborhood U of Γ such that for all xU, d(ϕt(x),Γ)<ϵ.
A cycle, Γ, is unstable cycle if it is not a stable cycle.
A cycle, Γ, is asymptotically stable cycle if for all xU where U is a neighborhood of Γ, limtd(ϕt(x),Γ)=0.[PL]


x˙ = -y
y˙ = x

then the above autonomous ordinary differential equations with initial value condition (x(0),y(0))=(1,0) has a solution which is a stable cycle. Namely the solution defined by

x(t) = cost
y(t) = sint

which has a period of 2π.


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