example of a BV function which is not W1,1

The following example presents a function uBV(Ω)W1,1(Ω).

Example 1.

Let Ω:=(-1,1)×(-1,1)2. We will show that the function

u(x,y)={1,if x00,if x<0

belongs to BV(Ω). Given ϕCc1(Ω,2), ϕ=(ϕ1,ϕ2), one has

Ωu(x,y)divϕ(x,y)𝑑x𝑑y =-11[01ϕx1(x,y)𝑑x]𝑑y+01[-11ϕy2(x,y)𝑑y]𝑑x

if we choose μ:=(μ1,μ2):=(1({0}×(-1,1)),0). So we notice that uBV(Ω) and Du=μ is singularPlanetmathPlanetmath with respect to the Lebesgue measureMathworldPlanetmath .

Title example of a BV function which is not W1,1
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