example of Riemann triple integral

Determine the volume of the solid in 3 by the part of the surface

(x2+y2+z2)3= 3a3xyz

being in the first octant (a>0).

Since x2+y2+z2 is the squared distance of the point  (x,y,z)  from the origin, the solid is apparently defined by


By the definition


in the parent entry (http://planetmath.org/RiemannMultipleIntegral), the volume in the question is

V=D1𝑑v=D𝑑x𝑑y𝑑z. (1)

For calculating the integral (1) we express it by the (geographic) spherical coordinatesMathworldPlanetmath through


where the latitude angle φ of the position vector r is measured from the xy-plane (not as the colatitude ϕ from the positive z-axis); λ is the longitude.  For the change of coordinates, we need the Jacobian determinant


which is simplified to r2cosφ.  The equation of the surface attains the form

r6= 3a3r3cos2φsinφcosλsinλ,



In the solid, we have  0rr(φ,λ)  and

r= 0if only ifcos2φsinφcosλsinλ= 0.

Thus we can write


getting then


Remark.  The general for variable changing in a triple integral is

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