extension of Krull valuation

The Krull valuation||K  of the field K is called the of the Krull valuation||k  of the field k, if k is a subfieldMathworldPlanetmath of K and  ||k  is the restriction of  ||K  on k.

Theorem 1.

The trivial valuation is the only of the trivial valuation of k to an algebraic extensionMathworldPlanetmath field K of k.

Proof.  Let’s denote by  ||  the trivial valuation of k and also its arbitrary Krull to K.  Suppose that there is an element α of K such that  |α|>1.  This element satisfies an algebraic equation


where  a1,,ank.  Since  |aj|1  for all j’s, we get the impossibility


(cf. the sharpening of the ultrametric triangle inequality).  Therefore we must have  |ξ|1  for all  ξK,  and because the condition  0<|ξ|<1  would imply that  |ξ-1|>1,  we see that


which that the valuationMathworldPlanetmath is trivial.

The proof (in [1]) of the next “extension theorem” is much longer (one must utilize the extension theorem concerning the place of field):

Theorem 2.

Every Krull valuation of a field k can be extended to a Krull valuation of any field of k.


[1] Emil Artin: .   Lecture notes.  Mathematisches Institut, Göttingen (1959).

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