first-order theory

In what follows, references to sentencesMathworldPlanetmath and sets of sentences are all relative to some fixed first-order language L.

Definition. A theory T is a deductively closed set of sentences in L; that is, a set T such that for each sentence φ, Tφ only if φT.

Remark. Some authors do not require that a theory be deductively closed. Therefore, a theory is simply a set of sentences. This is not a cause for alarm, since every theory T under this definition can be “extended” to a deductively closed theory T:={φLTφ}. Furthermore, T is unique (it is the smallest deductively closed theory including T), and any structureMathworldPlanetmath M is a model of T iff it is a model of T.

Definition. A theory T is consistent if and only if for some sentence φ, T⊬φ. Otherwise, T is inconsistent. A sentence φ is consistent with T if and only if the theory T{φ} is consistent.

Definition. A theory T is completePlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath if and only if T is consistent and for each sentence φ, either φT or ¬φT.

Lemma. A consistent theory T is complete if and only if T is maximally consistent. That is, T is complete if and only if for each sentence φ, φT only if T{φ} is inconsistent. See this entry ( for a proof.

Theorem. (Tarski) Every consistent theory T is included in a complete theory.

Proof : Use Zorn’s lemma on the set of consistent theories that include T.

Remark. A theory T is axiomatizable if and only if T includes a decidable ( subset Δ such that ΔT (every sentence of T is a logical consequence of Δ), and finitely axiomatizablePlanetmathPlanetmath if Δ can be made finite. Every complete axiomatizable theory T is decidable; that is, there is an algorithm that given a sentence φ as input yields 0 if φT, and 1 otherwise.

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