Gerstenhaber - Serezhkin theorem

Let 𝔽 be an arbitrary field. Consider β„³n⁒(𝔽), the vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath of all nΓ—n matrices over 𝔽. Define

  • β€’

    𝒩={Aβˆˆβ„³n⁒(𝔽):A⁒is nilpotent},

  • β€’

    𝒒⁒ℒn⁒(𝔽)={Aβˆˆβ„³n⁒(𝔽):det⁑(A)β‰ 0},

  • β€’

    𝒯={Aβˆˆβ„³n⁒(𝔽):A⁒is strictly upper triangular}.

Notice that 𝒯 is a linear subspace of β„³n⁒(𝔽). Moreover, π’―βŠ†π’© and dim⁑𝒯=n⁒(n-1)/2.

The Gerstenhaber – Serezhkin theorem on linear subspaces contained in the nilpotent cone [G, S] reads as follows.

Theorem 1

Let L be a linear subspace of Mn⁒(F). Assume that LβŠ†N. Then
(i) dim⁑L≀n⁒(n-1)/2, (ii) dim⁑L=n⁒(n-1)/2 if and only if there exists U∈G⁒Ln⁒(F) such that {U⁒A⁒U-1:A∈L}=T.

An alternative simple proof of inequality (i) can be found in [M].


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