integral over a period interval

Theorem.  If the real function f is periodic and integrable ( over a period ( interval, the value of integral over a period interval is always the same, i.e.

∫aa+pf⁒(x)⁒𝑑x=∫0pf⁒(x)⁒𝑑xβ€ƒβˆ€aβˆˆβ„ (1)

where p is the period of f.

Proof.  The right hand side of the equation (1) is manipulated, with one substitution (  x=t+p:

∫0pf⁒(x)⁒𝑑x  =∫0af⁒(x)⁒𝑑x+∫apf⁒(x)⁒𝑑x


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