labeled graph

Let G=(V,E) be a graph with vertex set V and edge set E. A labeling of G is a partial functionMathworldPlanetmath :VEL for some set L. For every x in the domain of , the element (x)L is called the label of x. Three of the most common types of labelings of a graph G are

  • total labeling: is a total function (defined for all of VE),

  • vertex labeling: the domain of is V, and

  • edge labeling: the domain of is E.

Usually, L above is assumed to be a set of integers. A labeled graph is a pair (G,) where G is a graph and is a labeling of G.

An example of a labeling of a graph is a coloringMathworldPlanetmath of a graph. Uses of graph labeling outside of combinatorics can be found in areas such as order theory, languagePlanetmathPlanetmath theory, and proof theory. A proof tree, for instance, is really a labeled tree, where the labels of vertices are formulasMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath, and the labels of edges are rules of inferenceMathworldPlanetmath.


  • Every labeling of a graph can be extended to a total labeling.

  • The notion of labeling can be easily extended to digraphsMathworldPlanetmath, multigraphsMathworldPlanetmath, and pseudographsMathworldPlanetmath.

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