Lewy extension theorem

Let M𝐂n be a smooth real hypersurface. Let ρ be a defining function for M near p. That is, for some neighbourhood of p, the submanifoldMathworldPlanetmath M is defined by ρ=0. For a neighbourhood Un, define the set U+ to be the set U{ρ>0}. We will say that M has at least one negative eigenvalue if the Levi form defined by ρ has at least one negative eigenvalue. That is, if

j,k=1n2ρ(p)zjz¯kwjw¯k<0 for some wn such that j=1nwjρ(p)zj=0.

Let f be a smooth CR function on M. Suppose that near pM the Levi form of M has at least one positive eigenvalue at p. Then there exists a neighbourhood U of p, such that for every smooth CR function f on M, there exists a function F holomorphic in U+ and C1 up to M, such that F|UM=f|UM.

By considering -ρ instead of ρ as a defining function, we get the corresponding result for at least one negative eigenvalue. If the Levi form of M has both positive and negative eigenvalues at a point, then f extends to both sides of M and is then a restriction of a holomorphic function.

A point is the fact that U is fixed and does not depend on f. To see why this is necessary, imagine a Levi flat example. Let M be defined in 2 in coordinates (z,w) by Imw=0. The domains Uϵ:={|Imw|<ϵ}, for ϵ>0, are pseudoconvex and hence there exist functions holomorphic on Ωϵ (and hence CR on M) that do not extend past any point of the boundary. No neighbourhood of a point on M fits in all Uϵ. So at least one nonzero eigenvalue of the Levi form is needed.

The statement of this theorem is not exactly the theorem that Lewy formulated[4], but this is generally called the Lewy extension. There have been many results in this direction since Lewy’s original paper, but this is the most result.


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