logarithmic spiral

The equation of the logarithmic spiralMathworldPlanetmath in polar coordinatesMathworldPlanetmath r,φ is

r=Cekφ (1)

where C and k are constants (C>0).  Thus the position vector of the point of this curve as the coordinate vector is written as


which is a parametric form of the curve.

Perhaps the most known of the logarithmic spiral is that any line emanating from the origin the curve under a constant angle ψ.  This is seen e.g. by using the vector r and its derivativedrdφ=r,  the latter of which gives the direction of the tangent lineMathworldPlanetmath (see vector-valued function):


One obtains




It follows that  k=cotψ.  The angle ψ is called the polar tangential angle.

The logarithmic spiral (1) goes infinitely many times round the origin without to reach it; in the case  k>0  one may state that

limφ-Cekφ= 0butCekφ 0φ

(the exponential function never vanishes).

The arc lengthMathworldPlanetmath s of the logarithmic spiral is expressible in closed form; if we take it for the intervalMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath[φ1,φ2],  we can calculate in the case  k>0  that




Letting  φ1-  one sees that the arc length from the origin to a point of the spiral is finite.

Other properties

  • Any curve with constant polar tangential angle is a logarithmic spiral.

  • All logarithmic spirals with equal polar tangential angle are similarMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath.

  • A logarithmic spiral rotated about the origin is a spiral homotheticMathworldPlanetmath to the original one.

  • The inversionMathworldPlanetmathz1z  causes for the logarithmic spiral a reflexion against the imaginary axis and a rotation around the origin, but the image is congruent to the original one.

  • The evolute of the logarithmic spiral is a congruent logarithmic spiral.

  • The catacausticMathworldPlanetmath of the logarithmic spiral is a logarithmic spiral.

  • The families  r=C1eφ  and  r=C2e-φ  are orthogonal curves to each other.

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