metric entropy

Let (X,,μ) be a probability space, and T:XX a measure-preserving transformationPlanetmathPlanetmath. The entropyPlanetmathPlanetmath of T with respect to a finite measurable partition 𝒫 is


where Hμ is the entropy of a partition and denotes the join of partitions. The above limit always exists, although it can be +. The entropy of T is then defined as


with the supremum taken over all finite measurable partitions. Sometimes hμ(T) is called the metric or measure theoretic entropy of T, to differentiate it from topological entropy.


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    There is a natural correspondence between finite measurable partitions and finite sub-σ-algebras of . Each finite sub-σ-algebra is generated by a unique partition, and clearly each finite partition generates a finite σ-algebra. Because of this, sometimes hμ(T,𝒫) is called the entropy of T with respect to the σ-algebra 𝒫 generated by 𝒫, and denoted by hμ(T,𝒫). This simplifies the notation in some instances.

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