perfect field

A perfect fieldMathworldPlanetmath is a field K such that every algebraic extensionMathworldPlanetmath field L/K is separablePlanetmathPlanetmath over K.

All fields of characteristic 0 are perfect, so in particular the fields , and are perfect. If K is a field of characteristic p (with p a prime numberMathworldPlanetmath), then K is perfect if and only if the Frobenius endomorphism F on K, defined by


is an automorphismPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of K. Since the Frobenius map is always injectivePlanetmathPlanetmath, it is sufficient to check whether F is surjectivePlanetmathPlanetmath. In particular, all finite fieldsMathworldPlanetmath are perfect (any injective endomorphism is also surjective). Moreover, any field whose characteristic is nonzero that is algebraicMathworldPlanetmath ( over its prime subfieldMathworldPlanetmath is perfect. Thus, the only fields that are not perfect are those whose characteristic is nonzero and are transcendental over their prime subfield.

Similarly, a ring R of characteristic p is perfect if the endomorphism xxp of R is an automorphism (i.e., is surjective).

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