Sidon set

A set of natural numbers is called a Sidon set if all pairwise sums of its elements are distinct. Equivalently, the equation a+b=c+d has only the trivial solution {a,b}={c,d} in elements of the set.

Sidon sets are a special case of so-called Bh[g] sets. A set A is called a Bh[g] set if for every n the equation n=a1++ah has at most g different solutions with a1ah being elements of A. The Sidon sets are B2[1] sets.

Define Fh(n,g) as the size of the largest Bh[g] set contained in the interval [1,n]. Whereas it is known that F2(n,1)=n1/2+O(n5/16)[3, p. 85], no asymptotical results are known for g>1 or h>2 [2].

Every finite setMathworldPlanetmath has a rather large Bh[1] subset. Komlós, Sulyok, and Szemerédi[4] proved that in every n-element set there is a Bh[1] subset of size at least cFh(n,1) for c=18(2h)-6. For Sidon sets Abbott[1] improved that to c=2/25. It is not known whether one can take c=1.

The infiniteMathworldPlanetmath Bh[g] sets are understood even worse. Erdős [3, p. 89] proved that for every infinite Sidon set A we have lim infn(n/logn)-1/2|A[1,n]|<C for some constant C. On the other hand, for a long time no example of a set for which |A[1,n]|>n1/3+ϵ for some ϵ>0 was known. Only recently Ruzsa[6] used an extremely clever construction to prove the existence of a set A for which |A[1,n]|>n2-1-ϵ for every ϵ>0 and for all sufficiently large n.

For an excellent survey of Sidon sets see [5].


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