The span of a set of vectors 𝐯1,,𝐯𝐧 of a vector spaceMathworldPlanetmath V over a field K is the set of linear combinationsMathworldPlanetmath a1𝐯1++an𝐯n with aiK. It is denoted Sp(𝐯1,,𝐯n). More generally, the span of a set S (not necessarily finite) of vectors is the collection of all (finite) linear combinations of elements of S. The span of the empty set is defined to be the singleton consisting of the zero vector 𝟎.

For example, the standard basis vectors ı^ and ȷ^ span 2 because every vector of 2 can be represented as a linear combination of ı^ and ȷ^.

Sp(𝐯1,,𝐯n) is a subspacePlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of V and is the smallest subspace containing 𝐯1,,𝐯n.

Span is both a noun and a verb; a set of vectors can span a vector space, and a vector can be in the span of a set of vectors.

Checking span: To see whether a vector is in the span of other vectors, one can set up an augmented matrix, since if 𝐮 is in the span of 𝐯1,𝐯2, then 𝐮=x1𝐯1+x2𝐯2. This is a system of linear equations. Thus, if it has a solution, 𝐮 is in the span of 𝐯1,𝐯2. Note that the solution does not have to be unique for 𝐮 to be in the span.

To see whether a set of vectors spans a vector space, you need to check that there are at least as many linearly independentMathworldPlanetmath vectors as the dimensionPlanetmathPlanetmath of the space. For example, it can be shown that in n, n+1 vectors are never linearly independent, and n-1 vectors never span.

Remark. We can define the concept of span also for a module M over a ring R. Given a subset XM we define the module generated by X as the set of all finite linear combinations of elements of X. Be aware that in general there does not exist a linearly independent subset which generates the whole module, i.e. there does not have to exist a basis. Also, even if M is generated by n elements, it is in general not true that any other set of n linearly independent elements of M spans M. For example is generated by 1 as a -module but not by 2.

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