Borel groupoid

0.1 Definitions

  • Definition 0.1.

    A function fB:(X;)(X;𝒞) of Borel spaces ( is defined to be a Borel function if the inverse imagePlanetmathPlanetmath of every Borel set under fB-1 is also a Borel set.

  • b. Borel groupoid

    Definition 0.2.

    Let 𝔾 be a groupoidPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath and 𝔾(2) a subset of 𝔾×𝔾– the set of its composable pairs. A Borel groupoid is defined as a groupoid 𝔾B such that 𝔾B(2) is a Borel set in the product structure on 𝔾B×𝔾B, and also with functions (x,y)xy from 𝔾B(2) to 𝔾B, and xx-1 from 𝔾B to 𝔾B defined such that they are all (measurable) Borel functions ( (ref. [1]).

0.1.1 Analytic Borel space

𝔾B becomes an analytic groupoid ( if its Borel structure is analytic (

A Borel space (X;) is called analytic if it is countably separated, and also if it is the image of a Borel function from a standard Borel space.


  • 1 M.R. Buneci. 2006., C*-AlgebrasPlanetmathPlanetmath., Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications, Volume 1, p.75 .
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