cofactor expansion

Let M be an n×n matrix with entries Mij that are elements of a commutative ring. Let mij denote the determinantDlmfMathworldPlanetmath of the (n-1)×(n-1) submatrixMathworldPlanetmath obtained by deleting row i and column j of M, and let


The subdeterminants mij are called the minors of M, and the Cij are called the cofactors.

We have the following useful formulas for the cofactors of a matrix. First, if we regard detM as a polynomial in the entries Mij, then we may write

Cij=MMij (1)

Second, we may regard the determinant of M=(M1,,Mn) as a multi-linear, skew-symmetric functionMathworldPlanetmath of its columns:


This point of view leads to the following formula:

Cij=det(M1,,Mj^,𝐞i,,Mn), (2)

where the notation indicates that column j has been replaced by the ith standard vector.

As a consequence, we obtain the following representation of the determinant in terms of cofactors:

det(M) =det(M1,,M1j𝐞1++Mnj𝐞n,,Mn)

The above identityPlanetmathPlanetmath is often called the cofactor expansion of the determinant along column j. If we regard the determinant as a multi-linear, skew-symmetric function of n row-vectors, then we obtain the analogous cofactor expansion along a row:

det(M) =i=1nMjiCji.


Consider a general 3×3 determinant


The above can equally well be expressed as a cofactor expansion along the first row:

|a1a2a3b1b2b3c1c2c3| =a1|b2b3c2c3|-a2|b1b3c1c3|+a3|b1b2c1c2|

or along the second column:

|a1a2a3b1b2b3c1c2c3| =-a2|b1b3c1c3|+b2|a1a3c1c3|-c2|a1a3b1b3|

or indeed as four other such expansion corresponding to rows 2 and 3, and columns 1 and 3.

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