convex functions lie above their supporting lines

Let f:𝐑→𝐑 be a convex, twice differentiable function on [a,b]. Then f⁢(x) lies above its supporting lines, i.e. it’s greater than any tangent line in [a,b].



Let r⁢(x)=f⁢(x0)+f′⁢(x0)⁢(x-x0) be the tangent of f⁢(x) in x=x0∈[a,b].

By Taylor theorem, with remainder in Lagrange form, one has, for any x∈[a,b]:


with ξ⁢(x)∈[a,b]. Then


since f′′⁢(ξ⁢(x))≥0 by convexity. ∎

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