decomposition of self-adjoint elements in positive and negative parts



Every real valued function f admits a well-known decomposition into its and parts: f=f+-f-. There is an analogous result for self-adjoint elements in a C*-algebra ( that we will now describe.

Theorem - Let 𝒜 be a C*-algebra and a𝒜 a self-adjoint element. Then there are unique positive elementsMathworldPlanetmath a+ and a- in 𝒜 such that:

  • a=a+-a-

  • a+a-=a-a+=0

  • Both a+ and a- belong to C*-subalgebra generated by a.

  • a=max{a+,a-}

Remark - As a particular case, the result provides a decomposition of each self-adjoint operator T on a Hilbert spaceMathworldPlanetmath as a difference of two positive operators T=T+-T- such that RanT-KerT+ and RanT+KerT-, where Ran and Ker denote, respectively, the range and kernel of an operatorMathworldPlanetmath.


Let us some notation first:

  • σ(a) denotes the spectrum of a𝒜.

  • C*[a] denotes the C*-subalgebra generated by a.

  • C0(σ(a){0}) denotes the algebra of continuous functionsMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath in σ(a){0} that vanish at infinity.

Let f,f+,f-C0(σ(a){0}) be the functions defined by

f(t):=t    f+(t):={t,ift00,ift0    f-(t):={0,ift0-t,ift0

Since a is , σ(a), so the above functions are well defined. It is clear that

f=f+-f-andf+f-=f-f+=0andf+,f-are both positive (1)

The continuous functional calculus gives an isomorphismPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath C*[a]C0(σ(a){0}) such that the element a corresponds to the function f. Let a+ and a- be the elements corresponding to f+ and f- respectively. From the made in (1) it is now clear that

  • a+ and a- are both positive elements.

  • a=a+-a-

  • a+a-=a-a+=0

  • Both a+ and a- belong to C*[a].

From the fact the every C*-isomorphism is isometric (see this entry ( and f=max{f+,f-} it follows that a=max{a+,a-}.

The uniqueness of the decomposition follows from the uniqueness of the decomposition of real valued functions in its positive and negative parts f=f+-f- (with f+f-=0).

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