degree of algebraic number

Theorem.  The degree ( of any algebraic numberMathworldPlanetmath α in the number fieldMathworldPlanetmath (ϑ) divides the degree of ϑ.  The zeroes of the characteristic polynomialMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath g(x) of α consist of the algebraic conjugates of α, each of which having equal multiplicityMathworldPlanetmath as zero of g(x).

Proof.  Let the minimal polynomialPlanetmathPlanetmath of  α  be


and all zeroes of this be  α1=α,α2,,αk.  Denote the canonical polynomial of α with respect to the primitive elementMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath ( ϑ by r(x); then

a(r(ϑ))=a(α)= 0.

If  a(r(x)):=φ(x),  then the equation

φ(x)= 0

has rational coefficients and is satisfied by ϑ.  Since the minimal polynomial f(x) of ϑ is irreduciblePlanetmathPlanetmath (, it must divide φ(x) and all algebraic conjugates  ϑ1=ϑ,ϑ2,,ϑn of ϑ  make φ(x) zero.  Hence we have

a(α(i))=a(r(ϑi))= 0fori= 1, 2,,n

where the numbers α(i) are the (ϑ)-conjugatesPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath ( of α.  Thus these (ϑ)-conjugates are roots of the irreducible equation  a(x)=0, whence a(x) must divide the characteristic polynomial g(x).  Let the power ( [a(x)]m exactly divide g(x), when


Antithesis:  deg(b(x)) 1    and   b(β)= 0.
This implies that  g(β)=0,  i.e. β is one of the numbers α(i).  Therefore, β were a zero of a(x) and thus a(x)b(x), which is impossible.  Consequently,the antithesis is wrong, i.e. b(x) is a constant, which must be 1 because g(x) and a(x) are monic polynomials.  So,  g(x)=[a(x)]m.  Since


it follows that


Hence  km=n  and k divides n, as asserted.  Moreover, each αj is a zero of order m of g(x), i.e. appears among the roots α(1),α(2),,α(n) of the equation  g(x)=0m times.

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