derivative as parameter for solving differential equations

The solution of some differential equationsMathworldPlanetmath of the forms  x=f(dydx)  and  y=f(dydx)  may be expressed in a parametric form by taking for the parameter the derivative

p:=dydx. (1)

I.  Consider first the equation

x=f(dydx), (2)

for which we suppose that  pf(p)  and its derivative  pf(p)  are continuousMathworldPlanetmath and  f(p)0  on an interval[p1,p2].  It follows that on the interval, the functionMathworldPlanetmathpf(p)  changes monotonically from  f(p1):=x1  to  f(p2):=x2, whence conversely the equation

x=f(p) (3)

defines from  [p1,p2]  onto  [x1,x2]  a bijection

p=g(x) (4)

which is continuously differentiable.  Thus on the interval  [x1,x2],  the differential equation (2) can be replaced by the equation

dydx=g(x), (5)

and therefore, the solution of (2) is

y=g(x)𝑑x+C. (6)

If we cannot express g(x) in a , we take p as an independent variable through the substitution (3), which maps  [x1,x2]  bijectively onto  [p1,p2].  Then (6) becomes a function of p, and by the chain ruleMathworldPlanetmath,


Accordingly, the solution of the given differential equation may be presented on  [p1,p2]  as

{x=f(p),y=pf(p)𝑑p+C. (7)

II.  With corresponding considerations, one can write the solution of the differential equation

y=f(dydx):=f(p), (8)

where p changes on some interval  [p1,p2]  where f(p) and f(p) are continuous and  pf(p)0,  in the parametric presentation

{x=f(p)p𝑑p+C,y=f(p). (9)

III.  The procedures of I and II may be generalised for the differential equations of  x=f(y,p)  and  y=f(x,p);  let’s consider the former one.


x=f(y,p) (10)

we regard y as the independent variable and differentiate with respect to it:


Supposing that the partial derivativeMathworldPlanetmathfp(y,p) does not vanish identically, we get

dpdy=1p-fy(y,p)fp(y,p):=g(y,p). (11)

If  p=p(y,C)  is the general solution of (11), we obtain the general solution of (10):

x=f(y,p(y,C)) (12)
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