first order logic

A logic is first order if it has exactly one type. Usually the term refers specifically to the logic with connectivesMathworldPlanetmath ¬, , , , and and the quantifiersMathworldPlanetmath and , all given the usual semantics:

  • ¬ϕ is true iff ϕ is not true

  • ϕψ is true if either ϕ is true or ψ is true

  • xϕ(x) is true iff ϕxt is true for every object t (where ϕxt is the result of replacing every unbound occurrence of x in ϕ with t)

  • ϕψ is the same as ¬(¬ϕ¬ψ)

  • ϕψ is the same as (¬ϕ)ψ

  • ϕψ is the same as (ϕψ)(ψϕ)

  • xϕ(x) is the same as ¬x¬ϕ(x)

However languagesPlanetmathPlanetmath with slightly different quantifiers and connectives are sometimes still called first order as long as there is only one type.

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