Fréchet derivative is unique

Theorem The Fréchet derivative is unique.
Proof. Assume that both A and B in L(𝖵,𝖶) satisfy the condition for the Fréchet derivative ( at the point 𝐱. To prove that they are equal we will show that for all ε>0 the operator normMathworldPlanetmath A-B is not greater than ε. By the definition of limit there exists a positivePlanetmathPlanetmath δ such that for all 𝐡δ

f(𝐱+𝐡)-f(𝐱)-A𝐡ε2𝐡 and f(𝐱+𝐡)-f(𝐱)-B𝐡ε2𝐡

holds. This gives

(A-B)𝐡 =(f(𝐱+𝐡)-f(𝐱)-A𝐡)-(f(𝐱+𝐡)-f(𝐱)-B𝐡)

Now we have


thus A-Bε as we wanted to show.

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