golden ratio

The “Golden RatioMathworldPlanetmath”, or ϕ, has the value


This number gets its rather illustrious name from the fact that the Greeks thought that a rectangle with ratio of side lengths equal to ϕ was the most pleasing to the eye, and much of classical Greek architecture is based on this premiseMathworldPlanetmath. In , an aesthetically pleasing aspect of a rectangle with this ratio, from a mathematical viewpoint, is that if we embed and remove a w×w square in the below diagram, the remaining rectangle also has a width-to-length ratio of ϕ.

Above: The golden rectangle; l/w=ϕ.

ϕ has plenty of interesting mathematical , however. Its value is exactly


The value


is often called ϕ. ϕ and ϕ are the two roots of the recurrence relation given by the Fibonacci sequenceMathworldPlanetmath. The following hold for ϕ and ϕ :

  • 1ϕ=-ϕ

  • 1-ϕ=ϕ

  • 1ϕ=-ϕ

  • 1-ϕ=ϕ

and so on. These give us


which implies

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