integrals of even and odd functions

Theorem.  Let the real function f be Riemann-integrable ( on  [-a,a].  If f is an

  • even functionMathworldPlanetmath, then  -aaf(x)𝑑x= 20af(x)𝑑x,

  • odd function, then  -aaf(x)𝑑x= 0.

Of course, both cases concern the zero map which is both .

Proof. Since the definite integral is additive with respect to the interval of integration, one has


Making in the first addend the substitution  t=-x,dt=-dx  and swapping the limits of integration one gets


Using then the definitions of even ( (+) and odd ( (-) functionMathworldPlanetmath yields


which settles the equations of the theorem.

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