irreducible ideal

Let R be a ring. An ideal I in R is said to be if, whenever I is an intersectionMathworldPlanetmath of two ideals: I=JK, then either I=J or I=K.

Irreducible idealsMathworldPlanetmath are closely related to the notions of irreducible elementsMathworldPlanetmath in a ring. In fact, the following holds:

Proposition 1.

If D is a gcd domain, and x is an irreducible element, then I=(x) is an irreducible ideal.


If x is a unit, then I=D and we are done. So we assume that x is not a unit for the remainder of the proof.

Let I=JK and suppose aJ-I and bK-I. Then ab=xn for some n. Let c be a gcd of a and x. So


for some dD. Since x is irreducible, either c is a unit or d is. The proof now breaks down into two cases:

  • c is a unit. Let t be a lcm of a and x. Then tc is an associate of ax. But c is a unit, t and ax are associates, so that ax is a lcm of a and x. As ab=xn, both aab and xab hold, which imply that axab. Write axr=ab, where rD. Then b=xrI, which is impossible by assumptionPlanetmathPlanetmath.

  • d is a unit. So c is an associate of x. Because c divides a, we get that xa as well, or aI, which is again impossible by assumption.

Therefore, the assumption that J-I and K-I is false, which is the same as saying JI or KI. But IJ and IK, either I=J or I=K, or I is irreducible. ∎

Remark. In a commutativePlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath Noetherian ringMathworldPlanetmath, the notion of an irreducible ideal can be used to prove the Lasker-Noether theorem: every ideal (in a Noetherian ring) has a primary decomposition.


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