iterated forcing

We can define an iterated forcing of length α by inductionMathworldPlanetmath as follows:

Let P0=.

Let Q^0 be a forcingMathworldPlanetmath notion.

For βα, Pβ is the set of all functions f such that dom(f)β and for any idom(f), f(i) is a Pi-name for a member of Q^i. Order Pβ by the rule fg iff dom(g)dom(f) and for any idom(f), gif(i)Q^ig(i). (Translated, this means that any generic subset including g restricted to i forces that f(i), an element of Q^i, be less than g(i).)

For β<α, Q^β is a forcing notion in Pβ (so PβQ^β is a forcing notion).

Then the sequence Q^ββ<α is an iterated forcing.

If Pβ is restricted to finite functions that it is called a finite support iterated forcing (FS), if Pβ is restricted to countableMathworldPlanetmath functions, it is called a countable support iterated function (CS), and in general if each function in each Pβ has size less than κ then it is a <κ-support iterated forcing.

Typically we construct the sequence of Q^β’s by induction, using a function F such that F(Q^ββ<γ)=Q^γ.

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