list of fictional mathematicians

Tobin Dax (Colm Meaney) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Facets” Trill engineer and mathematician, who came up with his own proof of Fermat’s last theoremMathworldPlanetmath hundreds of years after Wiles.

Joe DuBois (Jake Webber) Medium Allison’s husband. In the episode “Twice Upon A Time”, in which Allison imagined a timeline in which she was an attorney, she hired Joe as an expert witness to testify that it was statistically unlikely her client used the murder weapon.

Charlie Eppes NUMB3RS Helps his brother Don solve crimes with mathematical physics.

James Moriarty The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The arch-enemy of Sherlock Holmes, who admits Moriarty is “endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty.” Moriarty is said to have published a treatise on the binomial theoremMathworldPlanetmath at the age of 21, as well as a book called The Dynamics of an Asteroid.

mita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat) NUMB3RS A computer programmer and expert on asymptotic combinatorics, introduced in the third season of the show. It has not been mentioned whether this fictional character is in the story related to the real-life mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Not included in this list are real-life mathematicians mentioned in fiction (e.g., Fermat, Nash, Wiles, etc.).

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